In my opinion snakewhips are not much of a whip, because of the absence of a solid handle. For a similar whip the bullwhip is far superior. The snakewhips are made with a leather shot bag, a bolster, then an plaited belly, another bolster and then over all this the overlay is plaited.  Each whip comes with a spare fall,  5 extra crackers and a container of leather dressing. A personally signed (by me), laminated certificate is an extra cost of $10.00. Two tone is an extra $40.00.  Initials can be plaited in the two tone whips at no extra cost.   I can make any length whip and amount of strands you want. Just get in touch with me and I will give you a price if it is not here.

Kangaroo hide 12 plait snakewhip

12 plait  
3ft, 12plait   $           420.00
4ft, 12plait   $           460.00
5ft, 12plait  $           500.00
6ft, 12plait  $           550.00
7ft, 12plait  $           590.00
8ft, 12plait  $           625.00
9ft, 12plait  $           730.00
10ft, 12plait  $           780.00
11ft, 12plait  $           840.00
12ft, 12plait  $        1,100.00
14ft, 12plait  $        1,500.00
16ft, 12plait  $        1,730.00
18ft, 12plait  $        1,970.00
21ft, 12plait  $        2,400.00
30ft, 12plait  $        3,100.00


Kangaroo hide 16 plait snakewhip

3ft, 16plait  $           460.00
4ft, 16plait  $           500.00
5ft, 16plait  $           540.00
6ft, 16plait  $           590.00
7ft, 16plait  $           630.00
8ft, 16plait  $           690.00
9ft, 16plait  $           770.00
10ft, 16plait  $           820.00
11ft, 16plait  $           880.00
12ft, 16plait  $        1,150.00
14ft, 16plait  $        1,550.00
16ft, 16plait  $        1,770.00

Payment and Postage Details

Snakewhip Photo's

WARNING:  DO take care when cracking your whip, make sure there is no one near you.  When a whip cracks the tip is travelling at over 1400 feet per second.  That is faster than the speed of sound and in some cases faster than a bullet.  If your whip hits anything or anyone when it cracks it is quite capable of cutting flesh and breaking bones.  So DO be careful.

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