Quirt No. 1

16plait, Colour is aqua and black.

Quirt No. 2

18inch, 20plait Quirt colour is Natural with Saddle Tan in knots and for initials.

Quirt No. 3

24inch, 20plait Quirt, Colour is Red and Black, with Stainless steel Ferrule.

Quirt No. 4

18inch, 20plait quirt, colour is black and purple.

Whip Hatband No. 3

4plait miniture stockwhip.

Driving Whip No. 1

12plait Driving Whip. This had a 5ft handle and 3ft tail. Colour is Yellow and Black

Hunting Whip No. 1

This hunting whip has an 8plait thong and 12plait handle with Stirling Silver Ferrules. Also is genuine deer antler on the handle.

Dressage Whip No. 3

8plait Dressage Whip

Bullock Whip No. 1

8ft, 12plait (Black) thong, with a 5ft, 1inch, 1/3, 16plait Black handle, with a Red/Black Pineapple knot.

Bullock Whip No. 2

9ft, 12plait Bullock Whip-Natural Colour

Bullock Whip No.3

9ft, 12plait bullock whip with a 16plait, 5ft, 8inch handle length. Colour is Red and Black

Bullock Whip No. 6

8ft, 8plait Bullock Whip with 1/3rd 16 plait handle with "Colin" Plaited in. Colours Green and Yellow.

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