You can order online securely with PayPal for products other than whips.  I do not have an online payment option on this page because most of the whips I make are custom built to your specifications.   Use this form below to tell me what you would like in your whip/whips.  Once requirements are known and I am able to make your whip then payment will be arranged.  Let me know if you would like to purchase other items with your whip order or visit www.simonmartinwhips.com to order basic whips and other products.  Feel free to make your order over the phone.    Any of the Dvd's will be charged at $15.00 each when purchased with a whip.

Please just email me directly with orders as the below form hasn't been working of late.  If you have a look below first it will give you an idea of what details to include in your email to me.

     Wrist loop? Yes or No

Extra's with whip: Brass Ferrule $75.00 per/whip/ Stainless Steel Ferrule $75.00 per/whip/  Certificate of Authenticity $10.00/ Two Tone $40.00 per/whip/ Whip Bag $75.00/ Beginners Whipcracking and Whip Maintenance DVD $29.00 / Two-Handed DVD $29.00 / Australian Whipcracking for Kids DVD $29.00 / Whip Repair Kit $60.00

How would you like to pay? Paypal, Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

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