A lot of people make the mistake of buying a big whip to do tricks with when they are learning,  I recommend a 4 1/2 ft - 5ft stockwhip or 6ft - 6 1/2 ft bullwhip for beginners. Shorter whips for fast tricks and longer whips for slower tricks.  Can you juggle?  If you can you will find this will help you pickup two handed whipcracking quiet quickly as it helps with left/right hand coordination.  On all my Matched Pairs I use kangaroo hide falls (unless you want Latigo hide falls).  Most people say "That doesn't look very strong", but I assure you it will way outlast any other leather, and it really makes the whip crack perfectly.  You do have to keep an eye out for knots in them though, especially if you are a beginner.  It is always handy to have a fid with you to get the knots out.  The fid is available in the Whip Repair and Maintenance Kit.  If you keep cracking they get very difficult to undo.  I use a poly/synthetic fibre string for the cracker. I have tried a number of different strings and have found this the best and it is also used by the experts.   A stainless steel or brass ferrule on the handle,  engraved is an extra cost of $75.00 per/whip (You can have your name engraved on it as well, at no extra cost).  The whips come with a spare fall each,  5 extra crackers and a container of leather dressing. A Certificate of Authenticity is an extra cost of $10.00. Two tone is an extra cost of $40.00 per/whip

My whips are used and recommended by  WORLD Whipcracking Champion, Ben Hughes.  See Ben Hughes Signature Whips I can make any length whip you want. Just get in touch with me and I will give you a price if it is not here.  Have fun and get CRACKING!!



 Kangaroo hide 8 plait stockwhip Matched pair

8plait,12plait Handle


3ft, 8plait

 $           650.00

3ft, 6in 8plait 

 $           670.00

4ft 8plait

 $           690.00

4ft 6in, 8plait

 $           730.00

5ft, 8plait

 $           780.00

5ft, 6in 8plait

 $           840.00

6ft, 8plait

 $           890.00

 Prices are per/pair in Australian Dollars


Kangaroo hide 12 plait stockwhip Matched Pair

12plait,16plait Handle  
3ft, 12 plait  $           800.00
3ft, 6in 12plait   $           840.00
4ft 12plait  $           880.00
4ft 6in, 12plait  $           920.00
5ft, 12plait  $           960.00
5ft, 6in 12plait  $           1050.00
6ft, 12plait  $           1090.00

 Prices are per/pair in Australian Dollars

Payment and Postage Details


Bullwhips & Snakewhips

Please contact me for a price on matched pairs of Bullwhips or Snakewhips.

  Payment and Postage Details

MORE PHOTO's of Matched Pairs.

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