Below is the different stages of making a bullwhip.  A good quality kangaroo hide whip should be made in this way or very similar. All the strands are cut out with a cutter, that fits on your thumb, then stretched and resized before plaiting.  Usually the strands would be cut from the one hide, but I used different colours so that it is easier to see what it looks like.

Step 1.

Leather Shot Bag done and spring steel handle inserted. First bolster on. And first binding done. Ready for first plaited belly.

Step 2.

First Plaited belly in progress.

Step 3.

Second bolster going on.

Step 4.

Second Plaited belly in progress.

Step 5.

Third binding. These bindings are very important!!

Step 6.

Final bolster going on.

Step 7.

Overlay Plaiting in progress.

Cut Section

Cut section showing layers of leather.

Bullwhip No. 8


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