If you would like a true show piece to hang on the wall then this is it !!  My whips have received a number of awards including 1st place at the Sydney Show in 2007 and the "Standard of Excellence" award at the same show.  Please let me know if you would like me to enter a whip for you in the Sydney Show.

These whips are one of a kind, and take many hours to produce.   Whips with 20strands and above in a stockwhip, and 24 strands and above in a bullwhip or snakewhip are really a whip for the collector.  The most strands I have plaited so far is 48, but am willing to do more if you want.  Get in touch with me and tell me what you would like and I will give you a price.    Most collectors pieces are valued from $1,700.00 onwards.  The whips come with a personally signed (by me), laminated certificate showing the whip No. (in its type), the date it was finished being made, and who it was made for. To order go to Ordering.


The 8ft, 40 plait bullwhip had Tasmania plaited in one side of the handle and my name in the other.  I had to cut out over 150mtrs (450ft) of strands just for the overlay. The strands were around 2mm (1/6th) in width.  This bullwhip was the first collectors piece I attempted to make back in 2004.

The 2 pictures on the right are of a 24plait, 48plait handle stockwhip

To see more photos go to COLLECTORS WHIPS.

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