Stockwhip No. 205

This 7ft, 24plait 32plait handle stockwhip was awarded 1st place and the "Standard of Excellence" award in the stockwhip section at 2007 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Stockwhip No. 205

Whip pictured with "Standard of Excellence" medalion and ribbon.

Stockwhip No. 134

Received 3rd prize at the Sydney Show in 2006 in the stockwhip section.

Bullwhip No. 55

Received 3rd Prize in the Bullwhip section at the 2006 Sydney Show and 1st in 2006 at the Devonport Show.

Bullwhip No. 19

This 8ft, 32plait Bullwhip was awarded 3rd prize in bullwhip section at the 2005 Sydney Royal easter show.

Stockwhip No. 78

This 6ft, 24plait thong, 48plait handle Stockwhip was awarded 3rd prize at the 2005 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

This 8ft, 40plait Bullwhip No. 6 was awarded 3rd prize at the 2004 SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW.  It was the first time I had entered a whip in a major show.  It was truly an honour to receive a prize in such a prestigious show on my first attempt. 

This 4 1/2ft stockwhip No. 23 received 1st prize at my local show in Devonport, Tasmania 2003.

Was awarded 1st prize in 2004 with a 8ft, 32plait Bullwhip No. 19

Was awarded 1st prize in 2005 with Stockwhip No. 114.

I was awarded best craft exhibitor at AGFEST in 2004 and again in 2009. Agfest has 1/6 of the population of Tasmania go through its gates every year.


I was the Australian Accuracy Whipcracking Champion for 2007 & 2010 and came 2nd in the Men's Australian Whipcracking Championships for 2007 & 2010, 3rd in 2008 & 2009, 2011, 2012, 4th place in 2006.   I won the 2010 South Australian & Victorian Whipcracking Championship in the Men's divison.  Was also the 2011 & 2015 Victorian Men's Whipcracking Champion.  See www.australianwhipcracking.org for more info on Australian Whipcracking.

This is me in 2015 at the Victorian Championships.  Won this event, but the best 3 men's competitors in Australia were not there :o)


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